Digital Radiography

Radiography is the practice of using waves to create an image of the distribution of the body. All around us everyday, there are millions of different kinds of waves bouncing around in the environment. The only ones we can see with our eyes are light waves. Other waves include x-ray waves, microwaves, ultrasound waves, and so on.

By using x-ray waves to “see” the body instead of light waves, veterinarians are able to visualize the musculoskeletal system of patients. X-rays can diagnose afflictions such as arthritis, bone fractures, pneumonia, and many more.

X-rays are a non-invasive and completely safe technology. The pet in most cases does not have to be sedated. They are only held still for a few minutes while our machine produces the image.

At our facility, we use digital x-ray technology instead of traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays have many benefits, such as:

  • They produce more precise images
  • The can be taken faster, so the pet does not have to sit still for as long
  • They can be stored digitally and many copies of them can be made with ease
  • They can be sent electronically to specialists across the country with the click of a mouse

Digital radiography can be a life-saving diagnostic tool for some patients. Trained veterinary radiographers can discover serious conditions and intervene without the need for an invasive procedure such as surgery using x-ray waves.

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