Annual wellness exams are a crucial element to your pet’s health.

During the visit, our veterinarians can detect potentially progressive medical issues before they become more serious and challenging to treat. For adolescent or senior pets, more frequent exams may be recommended because they have weaker immune systems that are not fully developed, and their bodies can undergo more changes in short time periods.

During the wellness exam, the doctor will perform a nose-to-tail physical examination where we will:

  • Look inside the mouth at the gums and teeth
  • Listen to the heartbeat and lungs
  • Inspect the coat and skin
  • Feel the joints and muscles
  • Use a thermometer to take a temperature reading
  • Weigh the pet
  • Palpate the stomach and abdomen to feel for abnormalities

A physical examination can provide the trained eye of a veterinarian with important knowledge about your pet’s wellbeing. But even the best doctors will need to administer a few routine laboratory tests to create a complete dataset of the pet’s health.

We recommend that a fecal test is performed twice a year to ensure that your pet is free of parasites. This is one of the most common health problems that faces dogs and cats, since parasites are present in the warm Tennessee environment year round. Fortunately, parasites are easily prevented with routine testing and continuous preventative measures.

Another routine evaluation is the blood test. This test can provide a complete picture of an animal’s blood chemistry, and is recommended at least once a year. Blood tests are highly recommended for senior pets in particular.

The importance of routine veterinary visits cannot be stressed enough. Because our pets cannot tell us when they are feeling blue or under the weather, a veterinary professional must keep tabs on their health to ensure they are able to live a full, happy, and healthy life.

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