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Grooming not only keeps dogs and cats looking beautiful, it is also beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing.

Here are a few reasons adequate grooming is key for pet health and happiness:

  • Burrs and matts in the coat can be uncomfortable.
  • Regular brushing and bathing will help catch parasites such as fleas and ticks as soon as possible.
  • When they are looking and smelling good, it is easier for them to stay close to you and bond.
  • Long nails are not only unseemly and bad for hardwood floors and furniture; after a certain point they can push back on your pet’s footpads and cause them pain.
  • In the Tennessee heat, shearing is a great option for some pets to help them keep cool and prevent overheating.
  • Regular grooming can minimize shedding to keep your home and clothes looking tidy.

At Cherokee Hospital for Animals, our gentle and caring groomer will bathe, clip, and brush your pet until they look and smell wonderful. We will also trim their nails during each appointment. We are also able to offer medicated baths for pets with dermatitis, or flea/tick infestations.

Our experienced groomer is also knowledgeable about breed standards, and can provide an appropriate cut to any of our clients’ pets. If you have any special requests (for example, “is it safe for this breed to be shaved down?”) please let our groomer know and we will do our best to accommodate your request or provide advice about what will keep your pet feeling their best in our experience.

If our groomer notices any underlying issues while they are grooming, such as signs of chronic skin irritation or parasites, it is our policy to alert you and help you schedule a veterinary appointment as soon as possible.

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