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Cherokee Hospital for Animals is proud to offer in-house laboratory testing for our clients. Our laboratory is located on-site to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic results for many routine tests such as urinalysis and complete blood count.

Some test results can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. Others may take a little longer, and we can give you a call to update you on the results at your convenience.

Other veterinary practices must ship their samples to a third party laboratory, wait for them to process the results, and then wait to hear back. Our process cuts out the middleman to save both money and time.

Here are a few more examples of common tests we are able to perform on the premises:

Thyroid tests: The thyroid gland is vital to the regulation of a healthy metabolism. If a pet is hyper- or hypothyroid, the symptoms can be severe and include rapid weight loss or gain, inability to regulate energy levels, and more. As pets age, it becomes increasingly important to monitor the health of their thyroid gland.

Complete Blood Chemistry Panel: This is a series of blood tests performed to gain information about a specific organ such as the kidneys, liver, or pancreas.

Electrolytes Testing: Electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, and other vital compounds. This test can inform our veterinary doctors about the pet’s hydration levels, bone metabolism, and general health.

Fecal Exam: This test can detect if the pet is carrying any intestinal parasites by analyzing the feces. For this test, we ask that the owner bring in a recent sample at the time of their appointment. If it is decided at a later point that a fecal test is necessary, you can drop a sample off for testing during our regular business hours at your convenience.

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