Nutrition & Weight Management

Your pet’s food is their fuel. In order to function at their highest level, they need to have adequate nutrition. Just like how we feel after eating junk food, this is how pet’s feel when their food does not meet their nutritional needs.

Pets with chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, thyroid disorders, allergies, and more can benefit from a prescription diet that addresses their specific health requirements.

Ask your veterinarian about how your pet’s food can affect their overall health and wellness, and they can assist you by:

  • Suggesting a clinically proven pet food(s)
  • Offering advice about serving sizes
  • Helping you select treats that are in line with your pet’s nutrition for those special times
  • Creating a nutritional plan for your pet

Are you concerned with your pet's weight?

As many as one in three dogs and cats in America are estimated to be overweight or obese. This is usually because of two reasons: the food they eat and the amount they exercise.

Our veterinary doctors can assist you by, firstly, helping you to assess the situation. Taking into account your pet’s height, breed standards, and age, they can tell you what their current weight really signifies. Maybe they are actually a healthy weight and their natural body composition is more robust, maybe they need to lose a few pounds, or maybe they are obese and require a major lifestyle change.

Once a professional has helped you understand where you are, they can help you get to where you need to go with nutritional plans and advice. In our store, we offer prescription pet food that has been proven to help pet’s lose or maintain their weight.

If your pet is on a diet, remember to incorporate regular exercise into their routine. For dogs, this can mean longer walks or games of fetch. Many cats love to chase small toys and play games with laser pointers for exercise.

Together, we can help you craft a personalized treatment plan to help your pet maintain an ideal weight.

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