Parasite Control

A parasite is any creature that lives by stealing resources from a host. When the host is your pet, they will inevitably suffer from the uncomfortable and unhealthy side effects. Some examples of parasites that commonly affect dogs and cats include fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites like hookworms and roundworms.

The first line of defense against these unwanted creepy crawlies is preventative care. Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, there are all sorts of preventatives including chews, topical ointments, special collars, and more. Most varieties of clinically proven preventatives are available for purchase in our pharmacy. Please ask your veterinarian for assistance picking out the perfect form of prevention for your pet based on their lifestyle, risk of exposure, and healthcare needs.

In addition to preventative medicine, we recommend fecal exams twice a year to ensure pets remain parasite free.

Grooming is another form of parasite prevention. We offer grooming services at our clinic with a professional and gentle groomer that can ensure your pet is clean and free of fleas and ticks.

Some parasites, like heartworms, show little to no symptoms in their beginning stages, but can be causing irreversible damage inside the body of your pet. Left untreated, heartworms can result in organ damage and death, and the treatment itself is a difficult (and expensive) undertaking that will leave your pet exhausted. This is why continuously preventing heartworms is key. They are spread through mosquito bites, so rather than preventing a mosquito from ever biting your dog, we recommend that they be on a monthly preventative.

In short, it is in your pet’s best interest to always be on two kinds of preventative medicine: one for fleas and ticks, and one for intestinal worms and heartworms. To ensure that these preventatives have worked as planned, your pet should also be regularly checked by a veterinary professional to ensure they are parasite free.

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