Spay/Neuter Procedure

Spay/neuter procedure is better for the overall health and wellness of both individual pets, and the pet population as a whole. Unplanned litters are one of the the leading causes of the pet homelessness crisis. In addition, unplanned liters are very expensive and time consuming to owners. In fact, the cost of a spay/neuter procedure is far less than the cost of caring for infant puppies or kittens.

The expected lifespan of spayed or neutered pets is longer. This is for several reasons including decreased risk of contracting infections, cancers of the reproductive system, and breast cancer.

Because of their decreased sex drive, spayed and neutered animals are less distracted and therefore easier to train. They will be less inclined towards running away to seek a mate, and unwanted neighborhood animals looking for a good time will not darken your doorstep.

Our doctors have extensive experience performing safe and effective spay and neuter surgeries. The morning of the surgery, please drop your pet off at our clinic without feeding them breakfast. You will be able to pick them up later the same day or the following morning, after we are able to monitor them for a few hours to ensure they are recuperating as expected. As with all surgeries, spay/neuter procedures require anesthesia, and therefore carry the risks associated. Before operation, we will schedule an appointment to determine they are healthy enough for the surgery, and the sedation. This will minimize risks of a complication.

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