Ultrasound Radiography

Ultrasounds use another type of waves to create images of the distribution of the body: sound waves. Often, ultrasounds and x-rays are used in conjunction with each other to provide a full array of diagnostic information. Unlike x-rays, the images produced by ultrasound technology are 3D real-time videos. Therefore, they can offer priceless diagnostic information about internal structures.

Ultrasounds can diagnose conditions such as bladder stones, pregnancies, abnormalities of the heart and lungs, foreign body ingestion, intestinal disorders, cancer, and more. Just like x-rays, ultrasounds are completely non-invasive and do not require the pet to be sedated in most cases.

The process of getting an ultrasound is simple and safe. If the pet is long-haired, it may be necessary to shave the area the doctor must access. Once the doctor has access to the correct location of the body, they will administer a cooling gel to the skin and use their instrument to gently rub against the area.

After the ultrasounds, the patient can go home the same day, and the mystery of their ailment will most likely be solved thanks to this ground-breaking technology.

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